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For Marketers

Use Handwriting Analysis to know yourself and others. Maximise your achievements . The best handwriting analysis course in Mumbai, Pune and Nashik. We also offer handwriting analysis courses online.

You can acquire this skill of handwriting analysis as a hobby or make a career out of it. We have helped Graphologists to make a career in Graphology.

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For Marketers

Positive Transformation is becoming something that is necessary to be to achieve what you always desired. acquiring a new identity, new belief system and new life is not that difficult. loosing the ealrier ones is difficult.

Change is incremental transformation happens in a moment. Change is directed from outside, transformation is directed from within. Change is reversible; transformation is not.

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For Marketers

Ever wondered what do colours mean and how they can reveal the thoughts in the subconscious mind?

Colours carry specific subconscious meaning and they are surprisingly the same for all human beings. The colours you prefer can reveal much more than what you believe they can. Your fears, aspirations, values, self image and much more. Know yourself from colours.

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For Marketers

Do you know that the logo designer of some most succesful brands like coca cola and some most unsuccessful companies like Enron was the same? So logo designing is not just about hiring a logo guru. We do not call ourself a Logo Guru agency for logo analysis and logo designing because we are continuously learning. We study the logos of the leading companies and the companires that failed, we also study the market and economic conditions every year. We can suggest you minor changes in your company logo or new logo design for your company's sustained success.

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For Marketers

Your beliefs and thinking about your home environement is seen in the way you draw a house. Drawings project emotions that are difficult to see otherwise. Imagine how excited you are feeling when people are appreciating you for understanding their deep rooted beliefs about their self image, growth, security, money, values and principles, decision making, how they deal their past and how they look forward to future. It is an amazing experience to know someone from their drawings and dodles. You get to know many things that are not known from handwriting and signature.

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For Marketers

Change one thing in your handwriting to change your life. The "One-Factor Twist" is the solution to your life problems. Learn this in advance course. We have five different modules for your advance needs of practicing raphology more effectively and professionaly. If you are thinking of using Graphology for Teachers, Graphology for Students, Graphology for Parents, Graphology for Personal Development, Graphology for Health, Graphology for Recruitment, Graphology for Matchmaking etc. then you are looking fos this advance course in Graphology

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We offer the below courses. All our courses are certification enabled.

We offer classroom courses across all our courses conducted in Nashik

All our courses are well structured and usually a full day time is required.<

We offer all our courses which life time access and on-demand videos.

There is no difference in the content of the courses. 


Yes, After completing the course you can practice graphology as a profession.

We provide many different services related to handwriting analysis & grap


Loads of improvement in me. I am glad i took this course.

Rachana Mannath

College Student,Nashik

Being from the background of training, this decision of doing Graphology course with Paresh Chitn.

Nitendra Singh Devda


A very good successful course. I have learnt much on this course. The instructor, Paresh Chitnis .

Lt ColJohn L Nurse


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